Patient Testimonials

Dr. Mittle has been my dentist for over 6 years, when he noticed how tired I was at an appointment I had with him he questioned me about my sleeping patterns. After that, we got into a whole new conversation about my snoring, come to find out I actually suffer from sleep apnea. Thanks to Dr. Mittle’s inquiries we were able to get me a sleep test and a oral appliance within the next month. Since then, sleeping has been what it used to be when I was a kid; peaceful!

Leslie C., Somerset, NY


I found Dr. Mittle online through a search and after visiting his office, I was greeted by friendly staff and actually taken care of by Dr. Mittle himself. I was not a good candidate for the CPAP machine and he was very sympathetic towards me and my situation. After getting my oral appliance from him, I found that I was less cranky throughout the days and I was gaining my quality of life back. Thank You again Dr. Mittle for all your help.

Karen, Long Island, NY


If you are a heavy snorer, do yourself a favor and VISIT DR. MITTLE!!!!! This guy has literally saved my life!!!!!! My doc tried putting me on that silly machine and there is no way in hell my wife was letting me in the bedroom with that thing. He has been my dentist for a year now and I was happy to know he treated sleep apnea too.

Travis, Hempstead, NY


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