The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Sleep deprivation due to snoring and Sleep Apnea commonly lead to:

  • relentless irritability
  • daily foggy thinking
  • compromised cognition
  • lack of motivation and personal drive
  • an increased likelihood of motor vehicle accidents
  • increased stress in marriages and intimate relationships
  • various physical consequences ranging from weight gain to hypertension
  • and also irreversible forms of brain damage.

Whether you occasionally experience a night of restless sleep, or you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from a sleep disorder, allowing sleep disorders like snoring and Sleep Apnea to remain untreated is not conducive to living an optimal healthy lifestyle.


The Deal Breaker: Intimacy is Hot, Snoring is Not!

Sleep Deprivation

Finding someone special to dedicate your life to is a hard enough mission by itself. Compatibility is key to any intimate relationship, as well as mutual respect. However, many women and men have ended promising relationships due to the effects of snoring. It is depressing to admit that snoring is a deal breaker in a relationship for a great number of people. Sadly, snoring affects not only the individuals afflicted by this sleep disorder, but also presents unbearable sleeping conditions for their potential life partners.


In many cases, when snoring is tolerated during the courtship phase and graduates into a lifelong commitment, the problems accompanying snoring often grow exponentially. What was once considered an annoying trait may morph into an issue proving itself to be incredibly destructive to the relationship.


How many couples retire to their bedroom each night, fully expecting a sub-par night’s sleep? How many committed partners resort to using ear plugs each night in the hopes of drowning out their loved one’s unbearable snoring? Too many people stress themselves out by racing to their bedroom in an attempt to fall asleep before their loved one’s snoring prevents them from gaining any sort of restful sleep. Even worse, how many partners are successful at falling asleep first, only to be forcefully awakened by their loved one’s snoring despite this desperate plan?


Countless marriages come to terms with snoring by sleeping in separate bedrooms. As one can imagine, this practice is not exactly conducive to nurturing intimacy in the relationship. Snoring is quite effective at compromising otherwise satisfying partnerships. Relentless snoring and the resulting moodiness accompanying fatigue often lead to dissatisfaction and deep-seated resentments. Partners can’t help but grow bitter toward each other when the nagging complaints and the concerns pertaining to problem of snoring are ignored and remain unaddressed. Ignoring or overlooking your partner’s human requirement of sleep implies overt avoidance and general disrespect. Lack of respect is proven to be the death knell of any type of relationship; many marriages disintegrate because of this perceived blatant lack of concern which may also be translated as indifferent negligence.


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