Here are Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions About the Oral Appliance Used to Treat People with Sleep Apnea…


Question: Are oral appliances FDA approved?
Answer:  Yes

Question:  Are oral appliance covered by Medical insurance or Medicare?
Answer:  Most insurance companies do cover oral appliance including Medicare

Question:  I have dentures, can I get an oral appliance?
Answer:  Yes oral appliance for sleep apnea can be made for patients wearing full or removable partial dentures

Question:  How long have oral appliances been used to treat OSA?
Answer:  In 1995, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (ASM) issued a position paper that starting that Oral Appliance were the second line of treatment for CPAP non-compliance patients. In February 2006 the ASM published that oral appliances are now the gold standard for Mild to Moderate cases of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Question:  Can I travel on a plan with an oral appliance
Answer:  Yes

Question:  If I grid my teeth at night, can I wear an oral appliance?
Answer:  Yes

Question:  I have a lot of dental work throughout the years, can I wear an oral appliance?
Answer:  Even if you are have had dental work, we can make an oral appliance for you

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