Facts You Should Know About Sleep Apnea

Who Is A Candidate For A Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance?There are many things we take for granted. One such issue we tend to think would happen normally for every individual is breathing. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are a few things you should know about respiratory problems, particularly regarding sleep apnea.

1. Habits To Avoid

Health professions have warned about dangers of smoking. Smoking affects almost every part of your body and it’s considered a major cause of respiratory diseases, for it retains fluids in your throat and airway. Not forgetting that smoking also narrows nasal passages, further contributing to the negative impact.

Alcohol is one other thing you should avoid when you have breathing issues, because it decreases muscle tone at the back of your throat, thus interfering with airflow.

You should also avoid eating unhealthy foods that can cause you to become overweight.

Sleeping pills also cause increased throat muscle relaxation, narrowing the upper airway. An anesthetic drug during surgery poses the same danger.

2. Normal Breathing Or Snoring

Air is supposed to pass through the nose via a flexible structure in the back of the throat (the soft palate), when normal breathing is taking place. The airway is held open by muscles when you’re awake. Once you fall asleep, these muscles are relaxed, but the airway normally stays open.

Snoring takes place when breathing is obstructed during sleep. In some cases, snoring can be harmless; but in other cases, it can be a sign of serious medical conditions. This occurs when excessive fat deposits, the uvula and a long soft palate contribute to airway narrowing. Muscles can also relax enough to cause narrowing of the airway, thus obstructing air flow. When air pushes through these obstructions, the soft palate vibrates causing the sound.

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