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Dr. Vikas Mittle

dr-vikas-mittleDr. Vikas Mittle is a dental professional with a deep desire to be more than the typical dentist. Dr. Mittle is a specialized periodontist with a goal: to make every patient he meets feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Mittle understands the importance of addressing the needs of his patients on a personalized basis. He will listen to your concerns carefully, and allay any fears you might have in regards to your dental care. Dr. Mittle carefully monitors his patients’ progress and consistently follows up with them personally, in order to solidify the patient/doctor relationship he strives to maintain.

Dr. Mittle understands the fact that every patient has unique qualities. With this in mind, his method of customized care addresses the nuances of each and every patient. His mindfulness and unparalleled support for every patient is of the highest standard, creating a dental environment that is notably patient-centric. Dr. Mittle concerns himself solely with the best interests of his patients, and it is this philosophy of trust and open communication that is the foundation of Dental Sleep Therapy of New York.

Dr. Vikas Mittle graduated from Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine and furthered his education at the University of Maryland Periodontal Specialty Program. Upon completion of his studies at the University of Maryland, he became Board-Certified in Periodontics.

Dr. Mittle has been dedicated to sleep and overall wellness. He treats sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep breathing disorders. He is specifically focused on treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with custom made, FDA approved oral appliance. This easy to use, easy to wear oral appliance can replace an uncomfortable CPAP machine for many patients. Most patients report that when they wear the oral appliance nightly, their sleep apnea and snoring are drastically reduced or even eliminated.

He continually corresponds with restorative dentist to optimize each patient’s treatment plan and treatment. Dr. Mittle is excited to play a role in improving each patient’s dental health and to maintain that health so the recurrence doesn’t happen again.

Dr. Mittle’s office takes most medical insurance, including Medicare. Consultations are always complimentary; he takes the time to get to know his patients and to deliver a great patient experience.

Dr. Mittle utilizes the latest technological advances in dentistry to treat all phases of periodontal disease and performs surgical procedures such as implants, bone grafting, crown lengthening, and extractions. He also specializes in performing efficient, non-surgical, non-invasive procedures such as root planning and scaling and antibiotic therapy. Inspired by his passion for rendering treatment with the latest surgical techniques, Dr. Mittle relentlessly pursues continuing education classes.

Dr. Mittle is a proud member of:

Vikas Mittle Credentials
Dr. Mittle’s mission is to improve the overall quality of life for his patients by emphasizing a healthy whole body approach. Dr. Mittle stresses the importance of dental treatment as an extension of patient care which effects every aspect of whole body health. He understands the relation between physical and emotional health and applies his medical practices to reflect this profound respect for patient care.

Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Mittle at Dental Sleep Therapy of New York if you are concerned with your own or a loved one’s sleeping behaviors. Delaying necessary treatment will only ensure needless suffering. Remember, a good night’s slumber is practically a human right…Don’t overlook your well-deserved sleep. Your body and mind will thank your for it.


Jenna Taylor

Clinical Sleep Director

jenna-taylor-clinical-sleep-directorI’ve been a hands on dental assistant helping patients that suffer from Sleep Apnea on Long Island for almost 15 years. I have seen how oral appliance therapy has helped so many people. I’m very passionate about what I do and really care about every patient. I’ve heard so many stories throughout my career from patients telling me how their sleeping partner is snoring, disturbing other family members. Couples sleeping in separate rooms are now sharing a bed again after using the oral appliance. Patients have told me they are exercising more now and have more energy. They are less irritable and not as cranky. I also have a personal experience growing up with my father, who was a very loud snorer. I couldn’t even have girlfriends sleep at my house because his snoring was so loud. My father eventually was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as a result of sleep Apnea. The oral appliance has helped him and also my mother who has been sleeping next to him for 42 years. Today, wearing the oral appliance can help so many people to live a longer, healthier life.

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